Appropriations Requests

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All requests are due no later than 5:00pm CST on March 29, 2021

As your elected representative, I have the privilege of making annual requests of the House Committee on Appropriations on behalf of my constituents that represent the priorities of Missouri’s fifth district. I welcome your input on what our nation’s priorities should be in the coming year. 


If you would like my office to support a particular appropriation request for Fiscal Year 2022, please use the forms below. Submitting the form does not guarantee that I will submit it to the committee for consideration. All Community Funding requests I submit to the committee for consideration will also be made public by my office in order to prioritize accountability and transparency in this process. 


                                            PROGRAMMATIC APPROPRIATIONS REQUEST                                              

Programmatic Appropriations Requests are requests to set specific government programs at a particular budget level.  These include requests to increase the budgets for:  

  • Health and research programs at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) or the Center for Disease Control (CDC);  

  • Programs that assist residents with home energy bills (Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program –LIHEAP); and  

  • Programs that provide grants for housing or transportation, such as HOME (Home Investments Partnership Program), or BUILD Program (previously known as the TIGER transportation grant program) 



                                            COMMUNITY PROJECT FUNDING REQUEST                                                  

In February, the House Appropriations Committee Chair announced that the House will accept Member requests for Community Project Funding in the Fiscal Year 2022 appropriations bills. These are projects that directly benefit the constituents of a state or local community. Before submitting a request, please consult the Subcommittee guidelines listed on the Appropriations Committee website: 


Please also note:  

  • Members are allowed to submit only 10 projects to the Appropriations Committee,  

  • The projects must fit within the guidelines of accounts designated by each Appropriations SubcommitteePlease consult the subcommittee guidelines before submitting a request. 

  • Members can only request funding for State or local government grantees and eligible non-profits.  

  • Some accounts may have a local funding match requirement. Local match means a funding amount that the project sponsor will have to provide in order to receive federal funding.  

  • The Committee is limiting Community Project Funding to no more than 1 percent of discretionary spending, a recommendation of the bipartisan House Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress.  

  • All 10 requests submitted to the Committee will be posted online, and the Committee will publicly release a list of the projects that are ultimately funded. Submission of a project to the Committee is not a guarantee that the project will receive funding.