Annual Accomplishments Memo

Jan 2, 2020
Blog Post
Annual Accomplishments Memorandum Year 2019

Hello Friends,

As the first year of the 116th Congress comes to a close, I
wanted to report to you some of the many developments
and accomplishments we’ve been able to produce for the
Fifth District of Missouri in 2019. It’s been a productive year
for the House of Representatives and our congressional
district, and this report will lay out some of what I have
been working on throughout the year. While the media has
been laser-focused on the scandals coming out of the West
Wing, the House of Representatives has been committed
to legislating for the people. We’ve passed bills that would
lower health care costs and prescription drug prices, protect
the pensions of seniors, raise the wage for hardworking
Americans, combat the climate crisis, care for our veterans,
defend democracy, and so much more. There are currently
nearly 275 bipartisan bills that are awaiting action in the
Senate, and I will continue to push for them to be taken up
for a vote.

As I continue to be your voice in the Halls of Congress, I want
you to know that I am forever grateful for the opportunity to
represent our congressional district. While you read through
this memo, I’m hopeful you will take as much pride as I do
in the work we’ve done and the effort my staff has given
to make the Fifth District the best it can be. Thank you for
giving me the opportunity to serve.

Emanuel Cleaver, II 

You can find our Annual Accomplishments Memorandum for Year 2019 here.