I Want to Hear From You

Aug 3, 2018
EC from DC

During my trips back and forth to the Fifth District, I’ve heard from many people worried about the tariffs. Farmers and business leaders have expressed their concerns. I’ve visited with farmers in the Higginsville community and invited the Canadian Consul, John Cruickshank, to answer some of their questions.

The issue isn’t going away, in fact, I think there are others out there whom I haven’t heard from. Small contractors and others who help keep these larger industries flowing smoothly are worried about their future because of the tariffs.

I want to hear from you, if I haven’t already. Tell me how the tariffs are affecting your business, whether they may impact your supply line or ability to reach and maintain a presence in foreign markets, and how do you think Congress can help.

On my website, you can fill out a survey at; https://cleaver.house.gov/serving-you/trade-survey. If you do not wish to fill out the survey online, you can contact my office.

President Trump imposed tariffs on products from the European Union, Canada, China, and Mexico. In retaliation, those countries imposed tariffs on U.S. goods. In addition to the direct impacts of tariffs on American-made goods which businesses want to sell in overseas markets, tariffs can have negative effects on the price of goods for American consumers. We are already seeing the effects of tariffs with manufacturers forced to make lay-offs and companies moving overseas.

Reports from the White House say there are plans for a $12 billion emergency aid to help farmers caught in the trade war, but farmers have said they want “trade not aid”. They want to bale not take a “bail out”. They already have mother-nature to contend with - the uncertainty of the weather. Just this week, the USDA designated 19 Missouri counties as primary natural disaster areas due to the recent drought.

Tariffs are another added headache for many farmers who are already struggling. I want to hear from those who are dealing with this.



Emanuel Cleaver, II

Member of Congress