100 Days into Republicans’ Special Interest-First Congress, Rep. Cleaver Demands Action for Hard-Working Families

Apr 15, 2015
Press Release

Washington, D.C. – Today, on the 100th day of the new GOP Congress, Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, II called on House Republicans to come together and get to work to improve our economy and invest in our infrastructure.

“My colleagues across the aisle have spent the first 100 days of this Congress stacking the deck for special interests at the expense of hard-working Missouri families,” said Rep. Cleaver. “To keep our economy growing, we need to create jobs that pay enough for hard-working families to get ahead. Republican policies stick Americans with jobs so low-paying they can’t put food on the table, much less succeed. This Congress continues to drag its feet, delaying debate on a comprehensive transportation bill. My colleagues, it seems, want to give tax cuts to billionaires who don’t need them, rather than invest in our roads, bridges, and transit— which would pave the way for economic growth.”

In the first 100 days of the 114th Congress, with control of both the House and the Senate, Republicans have little to show besides manufactured crises, special interest giveaways, and assaults on women, seniors, immigrants, and hard-working families.  The Republican Congress brought the Department of Homeland Security close to the brink of a shutdown, endangering the security of our entire nation to satisfy the angriest anti-immigrant voices in their party.  House Republicans have launched unprecedented attacks on women’s health care, insisted on deporting young DREAMers, and pushed for a budget that would end the Medicare guarantee and hand a $200,000 tax break to millionaires while raising taxes by $2,000 on middle class families.

“It is possible and preferable for Republicans and Democrats to work together and embrace true bipartisanship and good governance. If Republicans would take yes for an answer and work together with Democrats to make it easier to buy a home, easier to send a kid to college, and easier to have a secure and enjoyable retirement, our country would be far better off,” said Rep. Cleaver. “I will continue to stand for the hard-working people of Missouri, and fight for a bright future of opportunity and prosperity for every American – not just the wealthy and well connected.”

Emanuel Cleaver, II is the U.S. Representative for Missouri’s Fifth Congressional District, which includes Kansas City, Independence, Lee's Summit, Raytown, Grandview, Sugar Creek, Blue Springs, Grain Valley, Oak Grove, North Kansas City, Gladstone, Claycomo, and all of Ray, Lafayette, and Saline Counties. He is a member of the exclusive House Financial Services Committee, the Ranking Member of the Subcommittee on Housing and Insurance, and also a Senior Whip of the Democratic Caucus. A high-resolution photo of Congressman Cleaver is available here.