Congressman Cleaver's Statement on Healthcare Reform

Aug 20, 2009
Press Release

“I am committed to a health care plan that covers every single American, reduces the cost of care, allows people to keep their insurance if they like, and prohibits insurers from discriminating based on pre-existing conditions or onset of a tragic illness. Period. I am willing to do whatever is necessary to construct a plan that accomplishes those central goals. I believe in the public option, but frankly, I do not care what that plan is called or who gets credit as long as it works," said Congressman Cleaver.

"We would be well served, when we return to Washington, to reset the discussion, take a deep breath and look at the plans on the table and ideas not yet considered with fresh eyes. It is absolutely critical we make this work and I am willing to listen to any idea and consider any adjustment that covers every American and reduces the cost of health care.” 

Emanuel Cleaver, II is the U.S. Representative for Missouri’s Fifth Congressional District, which includes Kansas City, Independence, Lee's Summit, Raytown, Grandview, Sugar Creek, Belton, Raymore and Peculiar, Missouri. He is a member of the exclusive House Financial Services Committee, House Homeland Security Committee and the Speaker’s Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming. Congressman Cleaver also serves as a Regional Whip of the Democratic Caucus and First Vice-Chair-elect of the Congressional Black Caucus.