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Congressman Emanuel Cleaver

Representing the 5th District of MISSOURI
  • Religious Institutions & Charitable Organization Survey on Tax Provision

    The Tax Bill and Jobs Act now requires churches, synagogues, and other nonprofit organizations to begin paying a 21 percent tax in January 2019 on some benefits including transportation, meals and parking.
  • Congressman Cleaver Questions Treasury Sec. Mnuchin On Trade/ Tariffs

    Congressman Cleaver Questions Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin on tariffs and trade at the House Financial Services Committee hearing, July 12, 2018.
  • Congressman Cleaver Speaks on the Importance of an Apology

    Congressman Cleaver Speaks on the Importance of An Apology and the need to apologize to Senator John McCain for harmful remarks made about him during the nomination of the next CIA director. June 7, 2018
  • Congressman Cleaver Discusses Farm Bill

    Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, II speaks on the House floor about the importance of the 2018 Farm Bill.
  • Congressman Cleaver Speaks on Harmful Tariffs

    Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, II (D-MO) discusses the harmful impact of President Trump's trade tariffs on rural Americans across the country.

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9/13/2018 399 H.R.5895 Not Voting
9/13/2018 398 H.R.1911 Not Voting
9/13/2018 397 H.RES.1059 Not Voting
9/12/2018 396 H.R.4689 Yea
9/12/2018 395 H.R.3186 Yea